Challenger - Changelog

Version 2.4.33

  • Maintenance of the program code

Version 2.4.32

  • Language files corrections

Version 2.4.31

  • Added Korean Language

Version 2.4.30

  • Added French Language

Version 2.4.29

  • Minor changes in the installation program

Version 2.4.28

  • The program window adapts to the set Windows scaling for apps

Version 2.4.27

  • Bugfix: Display problems

Version 2.4.26

  • The setup program will no longer update all existing installations to mobile devices, but will only install/update to ?:\Apps\Challenger. If necessary, the extracted files can be movend over.
  • Internal optimizations

Version 2.4.24

  • New: CD/DVD drives for the portable installation method can now be selected in the setup.
  • Bugfix: For small files (<68 bytes), the encryption direction had to be selected.
  • Bugfix: Small display problems eliminated.

Version 2.4.23

  • Bugfix: There was an error when using passphrases with Unicode characters.

Version 2.4.22

  • Minor changes in the installation program

Version 2.4.21

  • New: Write processes are checked after each encryption and decryption. The increased data security is only associated with a low speed loss.

Version 2.4.19

  • New setting: Shortcuts (Desktop, SendTo) can be renamed; Important for distinguishing several installations
  • New setting: Desktop shortcut can be removed automatically at program end
  • New setting: Main window can be reduced

Version 2.4.18

  • New menu item "Save programs files"; allows backup of all important program files; recommended for a hard drive installation and use of the second procedure key
  • Bugfix: Correct minor errors in the installer

Version 2.4.17

  • Turkish translation adjusted
  • Bugfix: Under Windows 10 some drives or partitions have not been processed
  • Bugfix: On slow hardware the windows could freeze during the ciphering
  • Bugfix: The setting "Encrypt files without display" works again

Version 2.4.15

  • Added Turkish Language
  • Bugfix: Display problem the favorites list

Version 2.4.14

  • Bugfix: files without extension and 0 bytes size were not decrypted when more than 1000 files were located in a folder.

Version 2.4.13

  • Adjustments for Windows 10
  • English and Hungarian translation adjusted

Version 2.4.11

  • Bugfix: XP initialization
  • Bugfix: filename without extension and size 0 bytes have not been "deciphered"
  • Minor repairs of various display elements

Version 2.4.9

  • Improved performance
  • Errors are summarized in a list
  • In existing files a new file with an additional number in the file name (file.docx.cha.2) is no longer applied. It appears instead the message that the target file name (file.docx.cha) already exists.

Version 2.4.8

  • Important bug fix that corrects a bug in version 2.4.7
  • Revised file icons in the favorites list

Version 2.4.7

  • Added Hungarian language

Version 2.4.5

  • Short Manual revised
  • Corrects misspellings
  • Installation: Note If multiple users are logged into the system.

Version 2.4.4

  • Unicode-Filename support
  • Multi-user operation possible
  • PadForm: New external tool for generating the second procedure key
  • Interface to microcontroller platform "Arduino" for random number generation
  • Windows 95 and 98 is no longer supported

Version 2.3.13

  • No more information