Encryption Software - Made in Germany

State of the art encrytion technology

Raise your chances to the level of the experts. A unique process to encrypt data puts you in the position to be able to use your own individual encryption method. The synchronized Stream cipher uses at its core a key constructed using an unusually long random number list. The resulting extremely large number of possible combinations delivers an ideal and inexhaustible encryption supply. In addition to your normal password you can activate the variable random number list as a second key in order to significantly increase the security when compared to normal encryption methods.

Program library for turn-key solutions

We offer a program library and customer oriented service in addition to the Challenger encryption software. This service is only available to companies, who don’t want to exclusively rely on the solutions offered by the established security companies, but prefer to develop their own company solutions or expand existing programs. The library is documented using an easy to navigate example program in C#. Using this it is easy to integrate the stream cipher into your project, for example as an extra security for server-to-server connections. Given exact interface specifications we can, if you wish, complete this task for you. We are happy to support you in any technical questions either by telephone or face-to-face.

Challenger Encryption Software

Challenger is offered to encrypt at a data and directory level and is ideal for all security aware users, especially in areas such as patent development, development engineers, journalists, lawyers and upper level management. Challenger has been developed for local data protection and communication in closed networks. It excels not only through its secure encryption algorithm but also through its ease of use. In order to test how Challenger works and how easy it is to use, download a freeware version here.

Portable USB Stick Software • Encryption on-the-move

Challenger can be installed either on a computer or a mobile storage device (USB stick, SD card or CD-ROM). By choosing the portable version, for example on a USB stick, the software is always available on any computer. In addition to encrypting the data on the computer, the data on the portable storage device can also be encrypted. The data is therefore secure, even if the storage device is lost.

Drives on the network and online • Dropbox • Google Drive • OneDrive

Irrespective whether Challenger is used in the normal multi-user function on the hard drive or as a portable version, in both cases all types of data on any type of storage device can be encrypted. The encrypted data can be securely stored on a network or online. Even when companies such as Microsoft or Google offer a guaranteed centrally controlled on-line encryption, with Challenger you have your own tool.

The main advantages of Challenger

  • Encryption through strong stream ciphering of data and directories
  • Choice of multi-user or portable version on USB or SD card etc.
  • Functions on all Windows operating systems (32 and 64 Bit)
  • No runtime library or system updates necessary
  • A reference test detects program manipulation
  • Corrupt encryption methods are detected
  • Original data is deleted securely
  • The „phrase concept“ guarantees a secure usage of the program

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